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Doctors for Choice Germany

What We Care About


+ abortion teaching & training
+ abortion access
+ right to information
+ coverage of costs


+ gender-sensitive sex education
+ autonomous choice of contraceptive
+ coverage of contraception costs

Body Politics

+ autonomy
+ sensitivity
+ acceptance
+ gender diversity

Our Projects

Abortion Training​

Free, evidence-based and CME-certified online training modules on abortion to improve medical training. Modules are only available in German.

Campaign for Abortion Providers

Campaign "I am providing abortions, and you?". Providing information and opportunities for doctors to get involved in the care of unwanted pregnant women. The aim of the campaign is to improve the care situation.

Abortion At Home

"Abortion At Home" (German: "Schwangerschaftsabbruch Zuhause") is a pilot project for telemedicine medical abortion in Germany

Information Campaign

Translated as "More than you think - less than you think" (German "Mehr als du denkst - Weniger als du denkst"): fact-based educational campaign to remove taboos, raise awareness and expose myths and prejudices.

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