Our association forms a platform that promotes and facilitates the exchange and networking of doctors of all specialities from Germany and around the world. We believe this is important in order to develop common positions and promote the political debate with a strong vote in favour of women’s health and equality.

We also work closely with the following organisations:

Young physicians network

Have you been performing abortions for years and would like to pass on your knowledge to young colleagues? Are you looking for a successor for your practice who also performs abortions? Are you studying medicine and would like to see the procedure up close during your clinical traineeship or PJ? Are you looking for a postgraduate training position where you can learn about abortions?

Networking is particularly important when it comes to an area of health that is not naturally covered by gynaecology across the board. We would like to bring together survivors, practitioners and seekers with an email distribution list.

Would you like to be added to the mailing list?
It is not necessary that you are a member of our association. Right now we are looking for GDPR-conforming possibilities to implement such mailing list. If you would like to be informed about the implementation, write us an email to with the subject “Nachwuchsbörse”.

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