Our Projects

We have initiated many projects. Unfortunately, these projects are only available in German at the moment. We are working on translations and apologize for any inconvenciences.

Campaign for Abortion Care Providers

The aim of our campaign "I am providing abortions, and you?" (German: "Ich mache Abbrüche, und Sie?") is to motivate our colleagues to participate in the care of abortion seekers or even provide abortions themselves. On this website we provide informations as well as possibilities for physicians to contribute.

Abortion Training​

We develop free of charge, evidence-based and CME-certified online training modules on abortion. Our goal is to improve medical training. Currently, we have 4 modules on abortion. Unfortunately, they are only available in German.

Abortion At Home

"Abortion At Home" (German: "Schwangerschaftsabbruch Zuhause") is a pilot project for telemedicine medical abortion in Germany.

Information Campaign

Translated as "More than you think - less than you think" (German "Mehr als du denkst - Weniger als du denkst"), this fact-based information campaign on abortion aims at destigmatizing and sensitizing the topic as well as expose abortion myths.

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