Teaching & Training

We are dedicated to improve medical abortion care teaching and training and want to develop and establish advanced training methods during medical school, apprenticeships and residency.

The following offers already exist:

In cooperation with Medical Students for Choice Berlin and other student-run groups such as the Kritische Mediziner*innen [Critical Physicians] we take part in  “Papaya Workshops” as medical experts.

The so-called “Papaya Workshops” provide medical students a basic knowledge of abortion through theoretical and practical input. They were first organized in Germany in 2015 by Medical Students for Choice Berlin and are now popular at other German medical faculties, too. During the workshops, different abortion methods are presented, including their implementation, possible side effects and contraindications. Participants will be able to familiarize themselves with the procedures of surgical abortion by practicing vacuum aspiration on a papaya. The goal of the workshop is not to enable the participants to master the procedure themselves, but rather to provide an initial approach to the topic and to let them gain confidence in the contact and counselling of patients who want an abortion.

Due to its shape, size and texture, the papaya is a suitable and inexpensive model of the uterus. The “papaya workshop” is internationally known and scientifically recognized.


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In August 2020, we inaugurated our training academy. There are currently 4 online training courses on abortion available (in German).

Further courses are being planned.

Ärzt*innen pro choice Berlin, a subgroup of Doctors for Choice Germany, have developed a guideline for medical abortion for independent physicians to make it easier for general practitioners to implement medical abortion in their practice.

Medication-based abortion is a recognised, safe and effective abortion method and approved in Europe up to the 9th week of pregnancy p.m.. While other European countries carry out 50 – 80% of abortions with medication, only 23% of all abortions in Germany are done with medications. This guideline aims to improve abortion care and the patients’ freedom of choice.

The guide is currently only available in German.

There are regular (online) training courses on abortion. These are usually open to all interested doctors and healthcare professionals. In some cases, separate training courses are also held specifically for GPs, gynaecologists or MFAs (medical assistants) who are interested in offering medication abortion in their practice.

All (upcoming) training courses are always published on our website under “Events”.

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